• General

    Boltwheels standard rims (H:27mm, W:19,5mm)

      -Total weight without QR and rim tape: 1460g. Front : 646g / Rear : 814g(*)

        (*) 800g with Campagnolo body

      -Max rider weight : 95kg.

      -Recommended tire width: 23mm, 25mm


    Boltwheels wide rims (H:28mm, W:23mm)

      -Total weight without QR and rim tape: 1515g. Front : 672g / Rear : 843g(*)

        (*) 835g with Campagnolo body

      -Max rider weight : 110kg.

      -Recommended tire width: 23mm, 25mm, 28mm


    All parts are easily available, and require no special tools for servicing.


    Thought-out spoke pattern for stability stiffness and durability.

     -Front : 20 spokes radial

     -Rear(left) : 8 spokes radial

                   (right) : 16 spokes 2 cross


    Race-lace option for maximum lateral rigidity (+10g).  Due to thicker spokes and different lacing slightly less aerodynamic.


    Matching components to make a whole that is more than the sum of the



    Tubeless possible: check here for instructions. Mail for further questions.


  • Parts



    Top quality easy maintenance lightweight hubs with quality sealed cartridge bearings.

    High flange and 30 point engagement for direct power transmission.

    Ceramic upgrade possible.

    Material 6061 alloy, axle 7075 alloy

    Front : 10mm axle, weight: 78g

    Rear : 15mm axle, weight: 236g




    Special niobium aluminium alloy.

    Light, though, durable.



     Standard rim:

      -19,5mm wide, 14mm intern

      -27mm high


     Wide rim:

      -23mm wide, 17mm intern

      -28mm high



    Spokes and nipples


    Sapim laser spokes with thin middle section. Light , strong, aerodynamic and flexible, for a smoother ride.

    Possible upgrade to Sapim CX-ray for even better aerodynamics.

    -Standard rims:

      Front : 278mm

      Rear (left) : 272mm

                   (right) : 274mm

    -Wide rims:

      Front : 277mm

      Rear (left) : 271mm. Sapim D-light

                   (right) : 273mm. Sapim D-light


    Sapim polyax aluminium nipples, reducing rotation mass.


    Quick release

    Hollow axle, 92g pair.


    Rim tape

    High pressure rim tape, 36g pair


  • Science


    Let's take the imaginary situation of a cyclist traveling at

    40 km/h on a flat smooth road with no wind.  Now lets look at the resistance the cyclist has to overcome.


    85% is air resistance, 15% is mechanical resistance.


    85% air:

    - 65pp the cyclist

    - 20pp the total bike: 5pp the wheels (low profile box section

       rim, 36 round spokes)


    15% mechanical:

    - 12pp rolling resistance :

       - 11,7pp tire on the road (good tires are equally important!)

       - 0,3pp  wheel bearings

    - 3pp other mechanical resistance: chain, sprockets, bottom

        bracket, pedals...




    About 5,3% of total resistance is produced by the wheels, most of it is air resistance. This can be reduced to a minimum of 2,5% by using disc wheels, but this is far from ideal in most conditions. Also, by using fewer and thinner spokes and aerodynamic rims, we can reduce this resistance.

    Bolt Wheels are designed to minimize aerodynamic drag and still perform well in all conditions.


    Now let's look at the advantages of strong lightweight wheels the cyclist will notice on the bike:

    -Fast acceleration. During acceleration rotation mass is doubled!

    -Better climbing, better handling, more responsive.



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